Wanting less Anxiety?

Transforming Anxiety

Are you wishing that you or your child had a life with fewer days that included symptoms of anxiety such as irritability, sleep problems, chronic body tension, nail biting and/or nervous eating? These are just a few of the very common ways that the body and the mind attempt to process experiences of anxiety. We live in an increasingly fast paced world that does not value moments of calm and serenity. Thus, living a life that is not filled with some limagesevel of anxiety can feel like a loosing battle, especially if you live in the Bay Area. Teens are under more pressure to perform in all areas of their lives and adults must be super achievers to make ends meet in San Mateo County.

I developed an interest in learning more about how to help my clients with their symptoms of anxiety when I noticed that almost all of my clients, whatever their original reasons for seeking therapy were, were struggling with some form of anxiety. This led to my passion for studying, understanding, and providing therapy for struggles related to anxiety.


About half my practice involves working with teens and young adults who are struggling with anxiety related issues such as navigating the teen social world, self-esteem issues or test taking anxiety while also navigating other developmentally significant issues such as identity issues and college choices. With these young people I combine depth exploration of the roots of their anxieties as well as teaching anxiety reduction practices such as body awareness practices, breathing exercises, increased self-regard and general self-care.


Adults I am working with seek support with high-pressure jobs, parenting struggles, mid-life relational explorations and general life meaning or spiritual explorations. As adults, our psychological health depends on how well we understand the unique workings of our psyche’s and the unique self-care needed for our bodies and minds. Exploring unresolved traumas can be as important to transforming our struggles as anxiety-reduction skill building. I have found that simply teaching behavioral techniques without understanding the roots of our personal struggles is less likely to lead to true transformation. Thus, I encourage all my clients to think, feel, and explore deeply in addition to practicing homework exercises to increase self-connection.

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