Client Stories: Teens

These stories have been modified to protect the identity of my clients

Sam came to therapy at his parents urging. He was in his Junior year at a local public high school. Sam was struggling with feeling unliked by the members of his sports team and this struggle kept him up at night and interfered with his ability to focus on schoolwork. Through our work together, Sam learned how to rely more on his own evaluations of himself and his behavior and to be less invested in the details of how his sports team peers interacted with him. Through our work, he also learned how to be an advocate for his social needs instead of feeling powerless in the face of the social ‘whims’ of others. We created specific homework exercises for Sam to practice in various social situations to increase his social confidence. We also created homework exercises to help Sam calm his mind and allow focus on schoolwork. Over a 6-month time, Sam’s confidence level in social situations significantly increased and he successfully transitioned to college and is engaging in college social and academic life with confidence.  Back

Angelina came to therapy for support with a recent increase in troubling symptoms such as insomnia, frequent crying episodes, and angry outbursts at her parents. Through our work together we were able to identify the stressors in her life that were contributing to these symptoms. Over several months we developed many self-care practices that including methods to help facilitate sleep, ways to express emotions that feel supportive, facilitated conversations with her parents about things that were frustrating her at home as well as general calming and soothing practices. We also developed, in detail, a self-care plan for her next year of high school that included extra-curricular activities and new types of peer interactions that better fit her current needs and evolving identity. Angelina continues to come to therapy whenever she needs a little extra support to navigate a particular stressor.  Back

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