Client Stories: Adults

These stories have been modified to protect the identity of my clients


Amelia came to therapy due to an overwhelming increase in anxiety as she was exploring a potential need to divorce her husband. She felt paralyzed to act on her own behalf and fearful for the impacts on her children. Through our regular work together we explored Amelia’s desires and their implications on her children. We practiced stress-management practices and helped her more clearly define her personal aspirations for her own life and for her role as a mother. Amelia also learned how to rely on others to help when she was overwhelmed, including me as her therapist. As her path became clearer she attended therapy less but still uses the safety of our relationship to explore options at times when she is overwhelmed.  Back


Mary came to therapy in her senior year at college for her extreme social anxiety.  Although she was successful academically and had a few close friends, she became paralyzed with fear with entered unfamiliar social situations. Over a period of months, we worked to explore the roots of these fears and to practice calming methods that she could use when entering into social situations. We also worked on understanding Mary’s gifts and limitations in a more compassionate way that allows Mary to manage her life, including social interactions, more effectively.  Back

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