Client Stories: Self Healing

These stories have been modified to protect the identity of my clients

Salesh was born in another county and had been married very young via an arranged marriage. As he entered into his 30’s he began to realize that the career and life path he was walking was predetermined without his input. He was having drinking issues and came to see me when he realized that he needed help to figure out his next steps in life. It took months of patient work to allow Salesh the space to learn how to explore his own skills, gifts, values and desires. After working together for over a year, he realized that, even though he was a successful engineer, his true passion was cooking. Over time, Salesh explored the possibility of a career change and how it would impact his family and his whole life. It was a very courageous step for Salesh to attend Chef school and he now owns and cooks in a successful gourmet restaurant. He recently came to see me after an absence of several years and reported that he was happy for the first time in his life.  Back
Amy grew up in a strongly religious family that lived a life that mostly evolved around church functions. When Amy reached her mid-thirties she started to feel a growing desire to learn about activities and people not connected with her church community. Amy came to me in hopes that I could help her explore who she might be in addition to a church community member. This was scary work for Amy to experiment with learning new things that were beyond the normal scope of her family and community but as Amy slowly developed confidence in being an ‘explorer’ she learned more and more about who she was and what made her happiest, while also exploring how to stay connected with the values she choose that originated from her past.  Back

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