Questions and Answers: for Adults who struggle with Anxiety


I have been dealing with this anxiety for so long, I don’t really belief that it can change. How can I know that therapy will help?

Although there are never any guarantees, I have never had a client who was struggling with anxiety NOT benefit from therapy. Anxiety can have many origins including brain hormonal imbalance, life stress, social isolation, lack of self-care routines and many more. In our work we can help to identify the sources of your anxiety. In some cases you may be able to put into place some relatively simple self-care activities to help. But in most cases, the changes that need to happen to your brain so that it can manage stressful situations more calmly will require years of work. We can start this work in therapy and you can continue it through practices we will develop together, after our therapy ends. Often people expect too quick of a change in levels of anxiety and have not allowed their brain’s  the consistency of practice and therapy required to create long term change.  Back

It seems like there are so many types of therapy for anxiety. How do I choose?

In my practice I will help you to identify the types of approaches to anxiety reduction that are a match for your particular history and life stressors. One-size-fits-all types of modalities might work for you or they might be a total mis-match. I have a strong background in many types of approaches to anxiety from exploring your early childhood developmental history to looking at your support systems to exploring how you manage anxiety related signals in your body. Help in reducing your symptoms of anxiety are most likely to be helped when a unique plan is created that meets your unique needs. I help all my clients explore how they can use therapy in combination with other workshops, books or homework assignments to reduce anxiety.  Back

If I start therapy, will I have to go forever?

Therapy can last anywhere from a few months to years depending on your particular needs. True lasting change is not fast. Although you may experience temporary relief from a brief time of therapy, it is more likely that you will need to work for a longer period of time to permanently change your body’s reaction to anxiety. I am happy to discuss my thoughts about your therapy path during our first few sessions.  Back

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